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Kampania Złotej Wstążki

September is the global childhood cancer awareness month. Its symbol, the "Golden Ribbon", refers to the most precious metal and represents humanity's greatest value - children's health. At the Saving Kids With Cancer Foundation we have been supporting young patients who fight various cancers for almost 30 years. We believe that every child should have a real chance to recover and return to a happy childhood as soon as possible. For this particular reason, we initiated the "Golden Ribbon Campaign". We want to raise the awareness of pediatric oncology all over Poland and involve as many people, companies and institutions as possible in supporting the effective treatment of children suffering from cancer. Get involved!

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Support The Real Heroes in their fight with childhood cancer!

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Children with cancer fight for their health and life every day. Parents and medical staff fight with them. You can do something for them too! Take up the our recreational challenge in September. You don't have to be an athlete to take part in RakReaton!